The Black Bull Quality and Service at a Great Price!

Here at the Black Bull Steak and Pizza, we serve up top Alberta beef and Fresh, artisan Pizzas for less than you'd expect. We've been doing it for 40 years now- since 1976. Come in and give us a try, we're sure that you'll be back!

chaminda Chaminda, Chef

Steak and Veggies

Alberta AAA Beef

Aged 21 Days Hand-Cut.

Specialties From The Grill

  • 6oz Steak Sandwich

  • 8oz Top Sirloin

  • 10 oz NY

  • 12oz Rib Eye Steak

  • Smothered Steak

  • BBQ Sirloin Steak

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Charbroiled Burgers

Classic Beef Burger with Everything on it. Sauteed Mushrooms, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, relish, pickles, and onions.$12.95
Small Twist on the classic. Bacon, American cheese, thousand island, red onion, lettuce, tomato and mayo.$12.95
Spice it up with some extra heat. Banana Peppers, Swiss Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. $11.95
The New Classic! Sauteed Mushrooms and Swiss cheese. $10.95
Add an extra crunch to your lunch! Onion rings, American Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, relish and onions. $11.95


Smothered Chicken
Grilled chicken breast covered in sauteed mushrooms, onions and green peppers in a red wine reduction sauce. $17.95
Sauteed Pepper Steak
Cubed top sirloin, sauteed with mushrooms, onions and green peppers in a red wine reduction sauce.$21.95
Veal Scallopini
Breaded tender veal, topped with a reduced white wine mushroom sauce.$18.95
Wild Salmon
Oven baked and perfectly seasoned with Mediterranean spices.$21.95
Beef or chicken Kabobs
7oz Beef or chicken, skewered with green peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Seasoned with mediterranian spices and lemon.$19.95


Fish & Chips
With house-made tartar sauce$12.95
Philly Cheese
Steak or chicken, swiss cheese, sauteed mushrroms, onions and green peppers$13.95
Beef Dip
Thin sliced, slow roasted beef in a sub loaf served with au jus.$11.95
Triple CLub
The Classic! Sliced chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo. $12.95
Buffalo Chicken Burger
Grilled chicken covered in hot sauce, Topped with bacon, mozzarella,bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. $14.95

Pizza Black Bulls Famous Pizza


Loaded with freshly sliced pepperoni & cheese for the kid at heart. S $10 M $14 L $19
Ham & pinapple cover the most contested pizza choice in history. We think our version will win you over. S $11 M $16 L $22
Green Pepper, onion, mushroom & some extras spice bring this to life. S $11 M $14 L $22
Trio - Italiano -
Fresh sliced pepperoni, deli-style ham & salami form the classic Italian pizza! S $12 M $18 L $25
Mozzarella, fresh basil & cut grape tomatoes. S $10 M $13 L $18
Canadian Meat Lovers
Deli style ham, pepperoni, salami, & ground beef. The late night favourite! S $13 M $17 L $23


BBQ Chicken
Grilled BBQ chicken, red onions & chopped mushrooms. S $13 M $17 L $23
Black Bull Classic
Bacon, spinach, Balsamic red onions, mushroom & feta cheese. S $16 M $24 L $31
Pulled Pork
Sweet, slow roasted pulled pork & pineapples. S $13 M $17 L $23
Chicken Tikka
Tandoori chicken, caramelized onions & banana peppers for something a bit different. S $15 M $20 L $26
Surf & Turf
Ground beef, Shrimp, Onion & chopped mushroom. S $14 M $19 L $26
Canadian Eh
Pepperoni, mushroom, onion & bacon combine into something Canadian. S $13 M $18 L $26

Build Your Own

Cheese Pizza
Start with a cheese pizza and Add your own toppings from the lists below! S $9 M $18 L $24
Protein (each)
Deli style ham , fresly sliced pepperoni, salami or ground beef. S $1 M $2 L $3
Veggies (each)
Chopped mushrooms, onions, green pepper, tomato or pineapple. S $0.75 M $1.50 L $2.50
Premium (each)
Chicken, shrimp, bacon, pulled pork, spinach, banana peppers or black olives. S $3 M $4 L $5
Extra Cheese
Add extra mozzarella or feta to your pizza. S $3 M $4 L $5


We always do our best to accommodate our guests, but if you have a large party, or want to make sure you get a table - Please make a reservation - We'd love to have you over for supper!


Lunch Specials A different Flavour Every Day of the week

Monday - Philly Sandwich

Monday - Philly Sandwich

Chicken or beef Philly sandwich. Smothered in mozz…

Tuesday - Ham & Cheese

Tuesday - Ham & Cheese

Grilled and served hot on a croissant, served with…

Wednesday - Na'anwich

Wednesday - Na'anwich

Our meaty Na'anwich is stuffed with chicken, lettu…

Thursday - Cuban Sandwich

Thursday - Cuban Sandwich

Traditional Cuban sandwich served up crispy and wa…

Friday - Fish & Chips

Friday - Fish & Chips

Authentic British style fish and chips. Served Wit…

Saturday-Black Bull Burger

Saturday-Black Bull Burger

Delicious Black Bull Burger. Made from our own ble…

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Monday through Thursday: 11am - 9pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am - 10pm
Sunday: Closed

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Just across from the DoubleTree by Hilton (formall known as The Mayfield Inn) and just a 3 minute walk from the Staybridge Suites


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